Adidas Ultra Boost W - Black / Black / Black (womens)

Adidas Ultra Boost W – Black / Black / Black (womens)

In the classic colouring of a white midsole and its upper part and outsole in black, these Adidas Ultra Boost presents clean and tidy style. By placing the strongest contrast to separate the Primeknit upper and highlighting the Boost midsole it is pointing at the shoes real strong hold – its advanced and celebrated technology.

Adidas Ultra Boost W - White / White / White (womens)

Adidas Ultra Boost W – White / White / White (womens)

Monochrome whites, as if they where clouds them selves. The Adidas Ultra Boosts well renowned properties of comfort have inspired many to utter the comparision to be walking on clouds. As flattering for Adidas as this comparision might be, the Adidas Ultra Boost is much more than a comfortable walk. In fact, it is one of the most celebrated and …

Adidas Ultra Boost W - Grey / Shock Pink (womens)

Adidas Ultra Boost W – Grey/Shock Pink (womens)

With a first visual impression of this shoe, it might appear a bit humble. However, bont be fooled by the neutral grey and the shock pink sting in its details and the classic jogger attributes.. This is one of our times most celebrated runners for performance running. With high technological elements as the Primeknit upper and the Boost midsole, it …